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News organisations today are competing for attention in an ever-more competitive and constantly changing media environment. There’s a level of uncertainty around where to focus resources to improve performance.

PublishCheck makes it quick and simple to uncover actionable insight and reveal impactful suggestions for improving editorial success.

"PublishCheck has been a crucial tool at The Independent."

Ibrahim Salha, Head of Audience at The Independent




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Quickly know what, when & where your articles are published, and the attention received on demand.

Find and monitor editorial topics and trends to capture the attention of your audience.

Easily make informed decisions that deliver a bigger impact on performance.


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"PublishCheck's daily traffic bulletin is an essential tool if you want to run a news website. It provides an instant snapshot of your previous day's site traffic. And crucially, the format allows you to quickly spot what's working - and what bombed!"

- Gary Nicks, Digital News Director, Daily Star Online


Improve performance with a blend of data from your:



Data associated to the action of publishing.



Data associated to the performance of the article on your site. 



Data associated to the performance of articles in 3rd parties and social channels.


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